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What is Doctrin?

Doctrin is a secure online consultation platform designed to provide an enhanced service for our patients. 

It is responsive, has detailed questionnaires, healthcare advice and signposting to self-care and outside agencies where appropriate. Doctrin has a wealth of information and is being refined and developed according to our patients’ and clinicians' needs. Its targeted questioning means that we will have most of the information we need about your case prior to starting your consultation.

Doctrin also has detailed analytics, allowing us to assign our team so that their skills and specialisms are closely matched to the patients they are responding to. This makes the best use of our time, resources and clinical/GP capacity, allowing us to handle cases quickly and effectively.

Doctrin is newly launched in the UK and receives great patient feedback and satisfaction ratings.

Doctrin Image

Once you have submitted information and we have reviewed your case please be assured that, if it is clinically required you will be offered a face-to-face appointment.

Please note Doctrin is not necessarily monitored in 'real time.' If you believe that your condition is urgent or life-threatening please immediately seek help via 111 or 999.

Benefits for you as a patient:

  • Easy to use system that is accessible from electronic and mobile devices  
  • Saves waiting in a phone queue  
  • Can be used for routine enquiries – eg prescription renewals, admin queries or complex medical issues  
  • Fast response  
  • Less need to travel to the surgery  
  • Access to targeted healthcare advice and guidance  
  • Triage to the most appropriate professional  
  • Allows your case to be dealt with/reviewed by multiple colleagues if necessary  
  • System is constantly being updated and refined in response to patient feedback