Dr Asif Khan is our new Corby Partner

Dr Asif Khan has become a Partner at Lakeside Corby

Dr Khan qualified in 2000 and came to the UK twenty years ago, practicing different surgical specialities before completing his GP training.

He first worked in Leicester as a salaried GP before joining Lakeside Corby as a Partner. He said it has been a ‘great transition’ opting for Partnership.

dr asif khan

He said: ‘A couple of my GP colleagues were already working as Partners here so they gave me very positive feedback about Lakeside which is a huge organisation. The team welcomed me on board. I am still new to the practice and Partnership and going through quite a few things, understanding the practice and how this works, participating in the meetings here. It is still new, and it will take me time to develop into my Partner role.  

‘Previously I have done minor ops and steroid injections, so I want to bring that knowledge here as well. I am also a clinical supervisor and as this is a large training practice I am happy to help out in that way as well. The team here is so friendly and it has been a great transition for me. I wanted to progress, not just to benefit my career and the practice, but also the patient population as well and I am really looking forward to making a difference where I can.’

Published: May 2, 2024