Clinical trial testing a new treatment for blood lowering drugs

New clinical trial called GMRx2 (George Medicines Research Study), single pill containing three widely used blood lowering drugs. 

This is a clinical trial testing a new treatment called GMRX2, which is a single pill containing three widely used blood lowering drugs- Telmisartan, Amlodipine and Indapamide.

The purpose of this trial is to find out if the GMRx2 triple combination medication is equally or more effective and as safe in lowering high blood pressure compared with any combination of 2 active ingredients. We also want to find out GMRx2 is effective at controlling high blood pressure without increasing side effects.

This is a global study that enrol up to 1500 participants across the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland and Sri Lanka.


Who can take part

Adults aged 18 or older who are taking 3 or fewer blood pressure lowering drugs for their high blood pressure.

If you decide to take part , you will be asked to attend clinic for a minimum of 4 and up to 6 visits, with each visit lasting about 2 hours. The total duration of you participation will be approximately 20 weeks. Your first visit is called a screening visit and at this visit your trial doctor will check that you are eligible to in the study.

Published: Sep 21, 2022

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