Introducing the new PCN Operations Team Lead 

Orshi Majlath

Orsolya Majlath is the new Operations Team Lead at Rockingham Forest Primary Care Network.

She provides operational support to the PCN and their teams of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, social prescribers, first contact physiotherapists and care coordinators, across Lakeside’s Kettering, Corby and Oundle practices. They help patients needing additional wellbeing and lifestyle support rather than medical intervention. 

Orsolya, who has a background in operations and management, says she is ‘very team minded’ and, has plenty of transferable skills which will be relevant to the role, her first in Primary Care: ‘I like learning new things and have experience in HR, project and budget management, health and safety and planning. Throughout my career, which has been very logistics orientated, I have been known as a person who builds bridges and I really value teamwork and fostering good relationships.

‘There is a lot to learn, particularly the clinical terminology and ways of working and I am really enjoying it. My goal as a manager is to keep our teams engaged, valued and appreciated while delivering the requirements of the Network Contract DES in relation to Rockingham Forest PCN. It is really important to work together as a team, doing something good for our patients and community.

'Although I am relatively new to the role, I am really enjoying it. I have always been supported and everyone is helpful and kind, showing me the ropes. It is a pleasure to work here and with these teams which work hard and make such a difference to our patients and their health outcomes.'

Published: May 15, 2024