Warm Welcome to Dr Morjaria

Dr Morjaria is Lakeside's newest GP Partner in Corby

Dr Anisha Morjaria is the newest GP Partner to join Lakeside's Corby team and says it is like joining a family. She is relatively newly qualified and decided to become a Partner within a year of joining the practice as a salaried GP.  

Image of Dr Morjaria


She said: ‘As I did my GP training during the Covid era I didn’t get the traditional team atmosphere, so moved from practice to practice to find one which felt like family. I feel really settled here, so, even though I am relatively newly qualified, I applied for Partnership.’  

Dr Morjaria comes from a ‘medically orientated’ background. ‘My parents are pharmacists and lots of family and friends are doctors. I was familiar with pharmacies throughout my childhood and became a doctor as I wanted to be on the other side, making diagnoses and putting all of the pieces together. I absolute love it.’       

Her specialisms include ENT, dermatology and working with children, particularly around mental health: ‘I’ve done my dermoscopy diploma so hopefully I can help with reducing the number of hospital referrals. I have created a good rapport with patients and have had a lot of lovely feedback with cards and letters.  As Lakeside is such a large partnership there are many positives to joining. It is innovative and progressive, so I am looking forward to becoming involved in the Partnership side, as well as meeting colleagues from different practices across the Partnership.’ 

Published: Nov 9, 2023