Our Doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the Doctors in the partnership.

Dr Richard Baxter

Dr Ian Bowie

Dr James Burden

Dr Andy Cook

Dr Adam Crowther

Dr John Delaney

Dr Sanjay Gadhia

Dr Amardeep Heer

Dr Radha Kurapati

Dr Harish Kundaje

Dr Martin McGrath

Dr John Mellor

Dr Lynette Patino

Dr Sudeep Rai

Dr Akhtar Rasool

Dr Shalini Singh

Dr Debbie Smith

Dr Emily Taylor

Dr Andy Ward

Dr Peter Wilczynski (Chair)

Dr Nadeem Ackbarally (Salaried GP)

Dr Nisha Guram (Salaried GP)

Dr Nichola Harcombe (Salaried GP)

Dr Grace Hockley (Salaried GP)

Dr Ros West (Salaried GP)