Meet The Doctors

Our Doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the Doctors in the partnership.

  • Dr Richard Baxter
  • Dr Ian Bowie
  • Dr Andy Cook 
  • Dr Sanjay Gadhia
  • Dr Ammar Ghouri
  • Dr Nisha Guram
  • Dr Amardeep Heer
  • Dr Fadzai Kanyangarara
  • Dr Harish Kundaje
  • Dr Martin McGrath
  • Dr Sudeep Rai
  • Dr Debbie Smith
  • Dr Ros West
  • Dr Amir Morjaria
  • Dr Emma Hayward (Salaried GP)
  • Dr Sania Tsolits-Tsatsi (Salaried GP)
  • Dr Joanna Jaroszkiewicz (Salaried GP)