Lakeside Research

Meet The Team


Dr Amardeep Heer (GP Partner & Director of Research)

Dr Heer joined Lakeside Healthcare in 2015 as a GP partner and was appointed Director of Research in order to develop Research as a core activity within Lakeside Healthcare Group. He has been involved as a Principal Investigator in over 30 clinical trials over the last 10 years both in the commercial and non-commercial sectors. He is also the GP liaison in the joint venture set up by Lakeside Healthcare and MeDiNova Research Ltd – MeDiNova-Lakeside.


Dr Balraj Sanghera (Research Physician)

Dr Sanghera joined Lakeside Healthcare in 2018 as a Research Physician. He has significant previous experience as both a GP Partner in Cambridgeshire and Warwickshire and more recently as a Senior Research Physician working with a number of Global Clinical Recruitment Organisations.


Melanie Mullin (Practice Nurse)

Melanie trained as a Practice Nurse at Lakeside Healthcare and joined the Lakeside Healthcare Research Unit in 2017 as a Research Nurse.


Amy McConnell (Research Nurse)

Amy trained as a Mental Health Nurse at NHFT and joined the Lakeside Research Unit in 2016 as a Research Nurse.

Maria Hill (Research Nurse)

Maria currently works as a Research nurse at both Kettering General Hospital and Lakeside Healthcare – she joined the unit in 2017.

Carol Teer (Research HCA)

Carol joined Lakeside Healthcare Research unit in 2018 and is a Research HCA.

Anna-Marie Vaghela (Research Administrator)

Anna joined Lakeside Healthcare Research as a Research Administrator and prior to this was a member of the Lakeside Healthcare Administration Team. She is based at the Corby Research Hub.

Nicola Storrs (Research Administrator)

Nicola joined Lakeside Healthcare Research as a Research Administrator in 2018 and is based at the Yaxley Research Hub.